5 Safety Tips to Protect Your iPhone Against Theft

According to Consumer Reports, there are more than three million devices were stolen in the U.S in 2013, up from 1.6 million in 2012. Apparently, smartphones have already become extremely desirable targets for thieves across the U.S and up to the whole world. Among those high ticket devices, iPhone is one of the most popular targets in the thriving black market because of its considerable resale profit. In order to lower the possibility of being the thieves' target and reduce the loss if by any chance your iPhone got stolen unfortunately, we listed the top 5 precautionary tips for you to keep your iPhone secure and some useful methods to retrieve the files in case your iPhone is theft.

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Tips to Keep Your iPhone from Being Stolen

1. Keep Details of Your Phone

Write down and make a record of some important iPhone information including Serial number, Pin and IMEI number and keep them in a safe place. Because they will be a big help when reporting a stolen iPhone. To find these info, simply open your iPhone and go to "Settings > General > About".

2. Apply A Strong Password to Lock Your iPhone

Passcode is to iPhone what key is to door. It is a basic security measure that you can take on your iPhone at any time to prevent others from accessing your phone. Every iPhone has a built-in passcode lock feature. To turn it on, simply go to "Settings >General > Passcode Lock" on your iPhone.

3. Equip Your iPhone with Security Apps

Downloading a security app like Find My iPhone should also be listed high on your priorities to prevent your iPhone from theft. It is a major asset that can help you track your iPhone or remotely delete sensitive iPhone data if your iPhone was stolen.

4. Try Not to Use Your iPhone in High Risk Places

Crowded places will always be the perfect choice for the thieves to start their work. You should avoid using your iPhone in locations like public transit hubs, supermarkets, crowded streets, etc. If you must use your iPhone in those high risk locations, remember to keep an eye on the surroundings.

5. Make Regular Backup of Your Phone

The good habit of making backup of iPhone will help you a lot when losing the device. You can backup your iPhone's important data via iTunes or iCloud so that you can easily retrieve the lost files if your iPhone was stolen.

Simple Ways to Recover Data on Stolen iPhone

If in the worst case, your iPhone is gone and there seems to be no chance to get it back, you'd better find an immediate yet efficient way to get back the important personal information on that stolen iPhone at least. To rescue the data on a stolen iPhone, you can turn to some professional data recovery program such as iPhone Data Recovery for help. Regarding this issue, you may refer to the detailed guide of data recovery here: How to Recover Data on Stolen iPhone.

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